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Re: is there a risk to program in java since sun is bought by oracle

abdelkader belahcene writes:
 > Sorry, may be my question is not clear,
 > I mean :  what will be happen if oracle decides to close the software ???

We will use OpenJDK. 
 > same reason for what  libreoffice ( instead of openoffice ) and Mariadb (
 > instead of mysql) are  created !!!
 > am I wrong??
 > is it not same pb?

Yep, with the same solution. AFAIK there are a set of specifications that
everybody can follow to build a JVM.

The Free Software world could even drop explicit compatibility.

But it's unlikely. Closing Java more than it's closed now would mean
KILL the technology. Java has all this hype thanks to Free Software
(Apache Software Foundation in primis).

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