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Re: is there a risk to program in java since sun is bought by oracle

Sorry, may be my question is not clear,

I mean :  what will be happen if oracle decides to close the software ???

same reason for what  libreoffice ( instead of openoffice ) and Mariadb ( instead of mysql) are  created !!!
am I wrong??

is it not same pb?

best regards

On Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 10:44 AM, Gian Uberto Lauri <saint@eng.it> wrote:
shawn wilson writes:

 > The problems with java come from allowing untrusted compiled code to
 > run natively on your machine (WebStart).

I think that this problem arises with EVERY and EACH programming

You trust Debian software packages because you trust Debian, not because
of the programming language they are written in.

 > Web services, databases,

A web  service running in  a language  that is vulnerable  to exploits
leveraging  malfunction of  the code  handling the  service (i.e.  not
runnning in a virtual machine like JVM or CLR) are dangerous indeed.

Database access done in a sloppy way may be dangerous.

 > Android apps, etc don't have this issue.

For  Android is  false, there  are  known episodes  of malicious  apps
slipping in the app markets.

 > (and I like scripting languages better anyway).

And maybe you use eval() type functions. A door that must be carefully
secured aganst potentially hostile code.

You say taht you don't like  Java culture, and this is the only thing
that holds, since what you like or dislike are something you and only
you can and is entitled to choose.

As for myself, Java has something I like and other things I don't.

As for any language.

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