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Re: [i3]Not able to get the reboot/suspend script work.

On Mi, 02 apr 14, 17:26:04, Brian wrote:
> > > It's possible you may want different paths on the console and in 
> > > X.
> > 
> > And it's also possible one might not ;)
> It's something to be aware of though.
Sure, otherwise I might end with different paths on the console and in X 
and I don't want that ;)

> > > It's also possible that portions of your customised .profile relate
> > > only to things relevant to the console and which are not needed or
> > > wanted in X.
> > 
> > Which would that be?
> An environment variable, a command such a 'mail -s test someone', for
> example. It was a general point which was less about what exactly was
> extracted and used but a relection on doing something which had no
> purpose.  Getting the path from ~/.profile is surely the one and only
> reason for sourcing ~/.profile in ~/.xsessionrc. What need is there to
> pull in anything else?
There is not much more in the default ~/.profile and if I put something 
there I expect to have it in any environment I may find myself working.

> It's described in bash(1). But the point could be made that the path
> could be put in ~/.mypathforx and that file sourced from /.xsessionrc.
> This would negate the previous points. But then one would have to ask
> why bother sourcing a file when the path could be put directly into
> ~/.xsessionrc.
Because whenever you need changes relevant for both the console and X 
you have to edit two files instead of one?
> It would be good if the benefits of sourcing .profile from .xesessionrc
> compared to putting the path into .xesessionrc were explained.
As far as I know there is no canonical way, method, etc. Personally I'm 
using ~/.xsessionrc to source ~/.profile because:

 * the DM is not doing it
 * I don't want to duplicate what ~/.profile already does

Hope this helps,
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