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Re: more than 12G of RAM

On 12/02/14 07:40 AM, Roberto Scattini wrote:

On Wed, Feb 12, 2014 at 2:25 AM, Gary Dale <garydale@torfree.net <mailto:garydale@torfree.net>> wrote:

    Sorry everyone, but the memory sticks all work fine. Memtest+
    shows 8G working when I run it against the 2x4G and the 1x8G. My
    system runs fine, except for the thrashing, with 8G. It's one
    application that causes the thrashing and Free shows the heavy
    swap use when it's running. With 12G, the thrashing pretty much

gary, you should check stan's suggestion and update your BIOS to latest version...

It already is the latest version. I've reported the problem to Gigabyte. Hopefully they will have a fix but I suspect they will decide the bug in their BIOS is an "unsupported configuration".

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