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Re: postfix: maildir-style delivery with external MDA?

05.02.2014 12:16, Andrei POPESCU:

> The setup
> ---------
> I am running postfix on my laptop mostly for sending, but also local 
> mail (cron, r2e, etc.), maildrop for sorting/filtering to Maildirs and 
> notmuch for indexing (via a cron job).
> The problem
> -----------
> Since version 2.7.1-1 (current sid) maildrop does *not* remove the first 
> 'From ' line (also called unix style From_) if present as it did before 
> (see #737383 wontfix for more info) and notmuch complains loudly about 
> it triggering a loop (the warning ends up as output from cron, which 
> creates another message for notmuch to complain about and so on).

What is a "notmuch"?
Anyway: How does maildrop get mail from postfix - via pipe? If so,
remove the F from the flags to the pipe call in master.cf

> Things I tried
> --------------
> My preferred solution would be to configure Postfix to do Maildir-style 
> delivery via maildrop, but I have checked the Postfix documentation and 
> done some tests as far as I can tell there is no way to do so.

If you use maildrop as your local delivery agent, why do you think the
postfix documentation will help you configuring what maildrop does with
the mail it receives? Wouldn't be the maildrop documentation a better
place to look for such information?

> Besides 
> solving this issue it seems I would get rid of the annoying '>From' at 
> start of lines. Pointers much appreciated.

Those are probably just the result of using mbox. In mbox, a line
beginning with "From " indicates the start of a new message. Therefore,
lines like that which are part of a message's body, have to be
"escaped". Therefore, as long as you use mbox (or "From "-escaping has
already happened somewhere upstream) you'll see those ">From "-lines


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