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Re: PXE install, without internet?

> Indeed (easy), I had to look at that for a bit. That's 11 host bits,
> not 3 ( giving 2048 addresses - which 'may' make a
> difference. From 1st coffee of the day memory (dodgy) that's a class B
> instead of a C.
> Thanks for the pointer, a full refund is on it's way to the OP now.

I can't explain more on why I choose the combination of the above IP addresses
because those were given by my administrator. I will ask him some questions on
what network is that, and maybe then we can find out how is that
conflicting with
the dhcp server that I have built.

Also just wanted to say that the guys at our college has something called
cyberoam filter, which also acts as a dhcp server, but now the dhcp
server is disabled.

I also want to make a small confession, that although there was a
small introductory
course last year on computer networks, but I am sure a super noob in
these IPs and subnet things.

Anubhav Yadav
Imperial College of Engineering and Research,

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