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Re: akonadi pain + kmail2

On 05/02/14 08:58, Hans wrote:
> Hi folks, 
> I do not know, if you have the same trouble like me, but after the change to 
> akonadi I get into some trouble.

Yes, I had that problem.

> When I started KDE, and I want to start kmail2, it is telling me, that akondi 
> got not correctly started. (Could not get connected to dbus) I suppose, you 
> might know, what I mean.

I don't recall a dbus problem, but the akonadi problem yes.

> The system is telling me, akondi is not started.
> My solution is, to manually stop the processes "akonadiserver", 
> "akonadi_control" and all "kmail" processes. Then I restart kmail again, and 
> everything is working fine.

I had a similar problem that also involved KOrganizer and Kontact.
Unfortunately I didn't record the exact steps I took to resolve the
issue - I basically followed information on the debian kde mailing list
(last year).

> I guess, it might be some timing problem, as on my EEEPC, which is 32-bit and 
> slower, it is working well.

Shouldn't be a problem, depending on what else you have chewing
resources. IMAP can also slow things down.

> A good friend of mine got into the same problem after changing to kmail2.
> How are your experiences? I am using akonadi-mysql, but I saw there is also 
> akonadi-sqlite and akonadi-postgresql. Which one do you prefer? 

I don't know. I use akonadi-backend-mysql but I haven't tried the others.

> IMO akonadi looks very slow. For example, when I delete my messages in kmail, 
> the akonadi database is going to be rather slow rebuild.

IMAP or POP?  If IMAP I would expect it to be slow, in which case I'd
check my settings and also include the possibility of remote factors
(your email provider).

> Also, when I move a message from a local mailbox (a mailvbox of a user on the 
> pc), I dicovered another strange behaviour: When I put the mails by fast 
> clicking into the trash folder, then they stay unread in the trash folder. If 
> I do the same slowly, jsut one after another and waiting some seconds after 
> each mail, then they are marked as read. I think, it is a timing problem 
> again.

If IMAP, check your settings - the process you describe may involve more
network activity than immediately obvious.

> What are your experiences? Or do you have any hints, what I can do? Changing 
> to another database or something?

Sorry, nothing. Try the debian kde mailing list?

> Thanks for reading and answering. 
> Best 
> Hans

Kind regards

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