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Re: Using loop devices in Debian

Andrei POPESCU wrote:
On Vi, 24 ian 14, 11:50:25, David wrote:

So where you have several dvd iso files, then ordinarily you would
need several separate loop mounts. Unless you create a filesystem in
one huge file, copy all the iso's into it, and then loop mount that
huge file. That sounds like a very ugly idea to me, but I suppose it's
possible if preseed requires it for some reason. It would be smarter
to create one custom image file based on DVD #1 plus any extra you
need and mount just that. Try it first with just an image of DVD#1
before anything more complex.

There are also Blu-ray images. If my understanding is correct the OP
already has the full DVD set so using jigdo to create the BD image using
the DVDs should be simple and require only minimal network access.

I do have the full set.
But I don't understand what using jigdo would accomplish.

Kind regards,

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