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Using loop devices in Debian

Having read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loop_device, I suspect using a loop device will alleviate some of my problems.

I'm doing a series of installs to find an optimum configuration for my personal needs. As I DO NOT have high speed internet available I have purchased a set of Squeeze DVD's.

My impression is that I should be able to copy the set of DVD's to a flash drive and access as loop device to save physically handling DVD's when using apt-get etc.

Could I mount it as a loop device and do installs from the flash drive. I've already have created several versions of preseed.cfg to address various issues.

My Google attempts have turned either articles that are too broad and general (such as the Wikipedia reference) or if are dealing with Debian are posts to mailing list focusing on a specific detail.

Could some one point to good reference so that I might ask good questions.


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