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ANNOUNCEMENT: Intel processor microcode security update (20130906)

A new Intel microcode update (dated 20130906) is available on
unstable, testing and also on wheezy-backports.

A Debian Stable update (through stable-proposed-updates) has been requested,
but it may take some time for it to be approved.  If you cannot wait, please
use the wheezy-backports packages (http://backports.debian.org/).

This microcode update release contains the security update for Embedded
Xeon EC5500/EC3500/LE5500/LE3500 (Nehalem) processors, which Intel left out
of the previous update.  Since this is a security update, I decided it was
worth a note to the mailing lists.

This microcode update release also contains updates for Haswell processors
(4th gen Core i* and Xeon E3-1200v3 processors).  No specific data is known
about the Haswell microcode updates at this time.

Details about microcode updates, and microcode update packages can be found
on previous emails on this thread, which can also be found at:

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