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Re: How to use the debian installation iso for installing packages using aptitude

Anubhav Yadav wrote:
> Bob Proulx wrote:
> >   # dpkg -i /media/dvd-mountpoint1/pool/main/d/debian-archive-keyring/debian-archive-keyring_2012.4_all.deb
> > Then update again to clear the error.
> >   # apt-get update
> >
> > After that you should not be getting that authentication error again.
> > Because the keyring will be installed authorizing them.
> I did the above steps found the deb installed it and ran apt-get update,
> but the warning still stays.
> Running $ apt-cache policy debian-archive-keyring gives them same output as
> it gives for you

Hmm...  I don't know.  I know that local cdroms need a config to tell
apt that they are trusted.  But I didn't think that file:/ directories
needed that configuration.  Perhaps they do.

> I guess only this is remaining everything else seems to be sorted out.

Good.  Pretty close then.

This is one of those things that works-for-me.  Making it hard for me
to deduce why it isn't working for you.

The Release.gpg file is signed with the Debian Archive Keyring.  APT
verifies the signature on that file.  That file contains the file
check sums of the packages.  That is the security chain.  If APT can't
verify the chain then it produces the warning.

  WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!

Something in that chain is broken for you.  But I can't guess what.


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