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Re: post-install questions

Le 11.08.2013 23:53, François Patte a écrit :
See attachment: auctex package is only a lisp package for emacs and
texlive is absolutely not needed.... The dependency problem is only a
packager craze!

The easier solution I can see is to make an empty package with the name you want, and then use dpkg to install it.

In few words, such a package can be made by creating a folder with the name of the final package (not sure that this naming stuff is required), say barfoo. Then, create the file barfoo/DEBIAN/control, and fill it with desired info, like this:
Package: barfoo
Version: X.Y.Z
Section: whatever
Priority: optional
Architecture: all
Maintainer: john doe <jdoe@foobar.org>
Description: what do you think I am?
Next step is to do "#dpkg-deb -b barfoo ./ && dpkg -i barfoo.deb" and this will create and install your package.

Now, you have two solutions: make a package for auctex, with the dependencies you want, or make dumb packages for it's dependencies you do not want. Of course, it auctex really depends on them, you will only achieve to break it... but I think you guessed that :)

PS: there are probably a lot of better ways to create debian packages. But, this one seems the easiest one for me. You can also add other files in DEBIAN, so that the package manager can manage other informations like hash of the files... you can have all the examples you want from the debian's packages you will find in /var/cache/apt/archive. You just need to extract files from the debs, with a usual archive manager or dpkg itself, I do not know if there is a real difference.

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