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Re: How to get logwatch to ignore something

Bob Proulx grabbed a keyboard and wrote:
> David Guntner wrote:
>> Ok, upon further searching around, I think I found the problem.  It
>> looks like the config file location for the program moved somewhere
>> along the way.  It's no longer using /etc/logwatch (I *thought* that
>> directory seemed kinda empty other than my lone ignore.conf file which
>> had been there; it probably didn't get removed because it knew I had
>> modified the file), but is now in /usr/share/logwatch/default.config.
>> Which strikes me as a rather strange place to put config files....  I'll
>> put my entries in the ignore.conf file there and see if that takes care
>> of it.
> What does the NEWS file say about the migration?  I expect that it
> uses the /usr/share as default values and uses /etc/logwatch as a
> place to provide customizations.
> Note that I don't know anything about logwatch.  For Debian I am using
> logcheck with logcheck-data plus many local customizations.
> Okay I looked.  Please read the file:
>   /usr/share/doc/logwatch/HOWTO-Customize-LogWatch.gz

Ok, I'll look at it.  Thanks.

> It describes the new scheme and describes a /etc/logwatch/conf
> directory for local customizations.

Which, as I noted, I was originally using and yet was being ignored for
some reason.  Maybe the file will have more on why it was ignoring me.

Either way, I've modified the
/usr/share/logwatch/default.conf/ignore.conf file to see if that helps.
 I guess I'll find out tomorrow. :-)


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