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Re: Winfast TV 2000XP Expert with Squeeze

I'm using Alsa without Pulseaudio.

But thanks for the answer.

2013/8/12 Bob Proulx <bob@proulx.com>
Gábor Hársfalvi wrote:
> I wish to use my TV/Radio-Tuner but when I run Gnomeradio and found
> stations I can't hear any sounds from it.
> I've set all the available options without any success. :(

> Please Help using Tuner

The problem report of not having any sound output is unfortunately a
common one.  By default audio is almost always muted.  I have also
encountered your problem and it can be frustrating.  I do not have a
simple solution.

Open your audio mixer and look for muted entries.  Try unmuting all
audio output devices.

Many people have found that "pulse audio" is problematic and find that
removing it enables them to play audio.  Remove all pulse audio
packages and then open your audio mixer again.  New controls should be
available.  Again, look and unmute all of them.


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