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No sound on Wheezy with "HDA Intel PCH", ALC887-VD, MB Gygabyte Z77-DS3H

Hello to all.
I am posting this to alsa-user and debian-user simultaneously, hope it is
not a violation of the rules. It now seems that my original email to this
newsgroup was not posted. I am now sending it through gmane.

I have no sound of my freshly installed workstation. I did a trageted
install. As listed:

MB is: Gygabyte Z77-DS3H
Sound Card is: ALC887-VD

When I launch alsamixer it seems to work fine however when I try to switch
sound cards via
F6 and choose "0 HDA Intel PCH" it exits and prints "cannot load mixer
controls: Invalid argument"

During boot the following line appears 36 times in my boot log:
"amixer: Mixer hw:0 load error: Invalid argument"
An additional warning I can see in the boot.log is:
"PulseAudio configured for per-user sessions ..."

Some more information:

- I am a part of the "audio" group
- ALSA Driver version is: "1.0.24."

- 'aplay -l, aplay some WAV file, cat /proc/asound/cards , cat
/proc/asound/modules, cat /proc/asound/card*/codec* | grep -i code':

'lspci -knnvv':

'amixer' output:

'lsmod | grep snd':

I tried to install (update) alsa from wheezy-backports but it seems that the
version there is the same as the one ins stable?
Next step would be compiling upstream alsa or? Any Ideas? I've been fiddling
around with this for a day now an thought it is time to post for help. Do
you need any additional info?

How can anyone help me? :)
Thanks in advance.

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