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Re: How to disable UTC time?

On Tue, 2013-07-09 at 14:35 +0800, Yuwen Dai wrote:
> > I realize this is the sort of answer that annoys me to death when I get
> > it...  but why not fix the time on your BIOS clock?
> I did.  As I mentioned in the previous email, I set the BIOS clock as
> UTC time and set my time zone as UTC+8, this works.  My machine also
> has Windows, after I boot into Windows, I found the BIOS clock was
> modified by Windows that set the clock time as local time, i.e. UTC+8,
> after that  I boot into Linux, Linux thinks the BIOS clock is till
> UTC, it add 8 hours again to get the local time,  so my clock is 8
> hours ahead.   To get rid of the interference of Windows, I need to
> disable UTC.

Sorry, this mails was received after my last reply.

If you're indeed using Windows too, than set up Windows and Linux to
what ever you prefer, both to local or both to UTC. If BIOS or software
that runs without an OS is unimportant, then UTC might be the better
choice to avoid issues that by theory could happen when using Linux with
local. My hardware clock is set to local time and I never experienced
issues, using Linux everyday for the last ten years.

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