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Re: How get login history on NIS server during all months?

On Thu, Jul 4, 2013 at 3:37 PM, Markos <markos@c2o.pro.br> wrote:
> But I have another doubt. This log only the login at this machine. But
> how to log the autentication of other machines at the NIS server?
> How keep the login history of NIS clients at only one file at NIS
> server?
> Is there any way to do that?

Im young and ive read about nis... but never seen it myself. Is this
some kind of ldap?
Any how, im sure server, and probably clients, keeps records of
logins. just tail logs, make a sucessful login and try to find what a
login line looks like. Then parse logs and... profit!!

There will be probably something in auth.log. Also, there are probably
specialized tools for the job... none that im aware of... but it seems
easy enough to roll your own


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