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MUA: Sylpheed vs Claws-mail

Hi everybody,

I followed you discussions about MUAs and I have some questions about the same.

Running a Debian Testing, I use Sylpheed (3.2.0) and Claws-mail (3.8.1), the second being a fork of the first one if I understand everything.

They are difficult to disentangle but I have to say I prefer Sylpheed because it is "whiter" than Claws-mail (in french, being "plus blanc" means having a presentation more clear).

My question: in Sylpheed, when you got a signed mail, you directly see if it is a good signature at the end of the mail.  With Claws-mail, I do not find a way to check signatures.

Any idea ?

Thank's in advance.
Jean-Marc <jean-marc@6jf.be>

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