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Re: sudoers vs admin group

On Tue, 30 Apr 2013 16:10:41 -0500
Michael <jm603@jagmail.southalabama.edu> wrote:
Hi Michael,
> Is there any (significant) difference between editing (adding a user to) 
> the  _/etc/sudoers_ file and adding a person to the _admin group?_  Am I 
> comparing apples and oranges?
Usually, groups are used on GNU/Linux for access control, to control access to the files, directories, and peripherals.  So, being in the admin group will allow users to get access to the files having admin as group.

/etc/sudoers determines a user's sudo privileges.  Privileges do not always mean getting root privileges.

It is not the same thing, indeed.

> Michael
Jean-Marc <jean-marc@6jf.be>

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