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Re: MUA: Sylpheed vs Claws-mail

On Wed, 1 May 2013 00:04:48 +0200,
Jean-Marc<jean-marc@6jf.be> wrote:

>Hi everybody,
>I followed you discussions about MUAs and I have some questions about
>the same.
>Running a Debian Testing, I use Sylpheed (3.2.0) and Claws-mail
>(3.8.1), the second being a fork of the first one if I understand
>They are difficult to disentangle but I have to say I prefer Sylpheed
>because it is "whiter" than Claws-mail (in french, being "plus blanc"
>means having a presentation more clear).
>My question: in Sylpheed, when you got a signed mail, you directly see
>if it is a good signature at the end of the mail.  With Claws-mail, I
>do not find a way to check signatures.

In Claws, with the PGP plugins loaded (PGP/Core, PGP/Inline, PGP/MIME)
it will tell you about the status of the signature just below the
message (with an icon and text).

That is one of the items that I found better in Claws than Sylpheed -
Yes, I am a Claws user - I used to use Sylpheed before, but moved over
to Claws, because of the plugins. (Mainly the Fancy plugin for HTML
rendering, but also those PGP ones).

I am a Claws user, but there is some things that I find better in
Sylpheed - The search system in Claws works just fine, but I find the
one in Sylpheed easier for me. In Claws a search simply filters
messages in your standard folder, and changes the icon for other
folders if a search match is found in that folder, while Sylpheed
gives a completely new dialog, with a list of the messages found. I
would love to see such a search dialog in Claws too.

Another thing that is funny to me (in Claws) is the filtering system -
The filtering dialog has a system where you have to change items in a
list, and then remember to update the filter-item in the list with the
changes you have done.

I would love to see both these items with simple OK/Cancel dialogs
as they are in Sylpheed in Claws too instead of what they have now.

Anyway, both these "problems" are easy to live with, and as long
the plugins in Sylpheed are limited to what they are now I would
recommends Claws - But now when Sylpheed has a plugin system starting,
and starts getting proper plugins - it might be time to start thinking
about switching back to Sylpheed again...

-- Andreas Rönnquist

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