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SpliX and Samsung CLP-500

Since one of the upgrades during the last two weeks or so printing no longer works on my AMD-64 with Debian Testing and Samsung CLP-500. The error message in localhost:631 says:

"SpliX cannot open CMS file /usr/share/cups/profiles/samsung/CLP-500cms(2)".

There was no directory profiles/samsung in my /usr/share/cups, so İ mkdir'ed one and copied CLP-500cms2 from /usr/share/cups/model/samsung/cms into it - without success (?of course?). The " (2)" was not accepted at all (of course).

The same or a very similar error message showed up - as far as İ remember - near the end of the squeeze-freeze of testing up to the first weeks after Sqeeze became stable. The bug seems likely to be a simple address bug in SPLİX, but it can be a bug in one of the other cups programs, too. So, and because İ need my printer urgently, instead of filing a bug İ Cc this posting to till@linuxprinting.org. İ am sure that Till Kamppeter knows best what to do.

Hans Vogelsberger

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