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Re: terminal emulator compatible with Ecma-48

On Sunday, April 28, 2013 11:30:01 AM UTC-4, Chris Davies wrote:
> berenger.morel@neutralite.org wrote:
> > I know that most terminal emulators support most VT100 escape 
> > sequences, which are based on ecma-48
> I'd extend that to suggest that most terminal emulators support the
> majority of VT220 sequences, not just the VT100 subset.

unlikely - I dealt with that a few years ago:


> > but as far as I know, they are 
> > not able to support the full standard. By example, they only support 7 
> > bit sequences, and so CSI is 0x1B5B only, were ecma-48 says it can be 
> > 0x9B too.
> I don't know about this, although a quick test does appear to suggest
> that lxterm does not support \x9b as an alternative to \x1b\5b.

hmm - lxterm would be vte, which of course does not support 8-bit controls.

> The PuTTY FAQ seems to claim that it's either implemented everything
> or else documented what it hasn't implemented. This might be a good
> starting point.

What I recall of the PuTTY FAQ (a specific pointer would help) is that
it's roughly comparable to rxvt - implements about 80% of VT100, but
is not a VT100 emulator due to differences in the way it does line-wrapping
(apparently because at the outset its developers were attempting to match
the SCO console).

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