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terminal emulator compatible with Ecma-48


I know that most terminal emulators support most VT100 escape sequences, which are based on ecma-48, but as far as I know, they are not able to support the full standard. By example, they only support 7 bit sequences, and so CSI is 0x1B5B only, were ecma-48 says it can be 0x9B too. It also seems that blinking is not supported.

So, I would like to know if someone knows about a terminal emulator supporting all the standard or, at least, which explicitly says which part of it it supports.

Thanks you.

I'm simply playing with it to write a text editor inspired by mpd/mpc which includes feature I have only seen partially implemented in editors based on scintilla like multi-line editing (which stops when you try to move cursor or to insert multiple lines, by example). I do not think it will reach a good enough point to help someone else than me (auto-completion will be an interesting challenge too :) ), and am mostly doing it for fun. The use of Ecma-48 is only here to avoid creation of a protocol when I can use an easy to extend standard, and console clients are far easier and faster to implement than graphical ones.

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