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Re: Introductory reading on firewall/iptables/etc for new Debian user?

On Sunday 28 April 2013 13:57:02 Richard Owlett wrote:
> Andrei POPESCU wrote:
> > On Ma, 23 apr 13, 10:06:18, Richard Owlett wrote:
> >> Dan Ritter wrote:
> >>> By the way, you have an unusually brusque way of stating
> >>> conditions rather than asking questions, which comes across as
> >>> slightly rude.
> >>
> >> Apologies, I've just been chastised by relatives and friends for
> >> going in the other direction.
> >> I was trying to make clear I want only minimal connectivity.
> >
> > You probably already know this, but...
> > http://catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html

> I don't believe I've seen that particular FAQ before, but
> have read others addressing the same issue.
> Part of the problem is when there is a clash of recommended
> practices.
> 	"Volume is not precision"
> 	"Describe the goal, not the step"
> 	"Describe the research you did to try and understand the
> problem before you asked the question."
> Part of the problem is that *nix is not an ideal fit to what
> I wish to accomplish

What do you wish to accomplish?


> [Its multi-user/tasking nature seems to 
> create as many problems as it solves]. However Linux
> (specifically the Debian flavor) offers the breadth of tools
> and user acceptance required. A similar problem is described
> in "How different is Ubuntu from Debian?"
> {http://wiki.debian.org/FAQsFromDebianUser ;}

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