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Re: Fwd: Question

On Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 03:03:00PM -0300, german carutti wrote:
> Hello.
> I am a teacher of hardware and software Argentina high school and yesterday
> I was going to buy a cell phone, my main option was android, but I have
> found that this system is corporate because you are not allowed to
> modify, interact
> with the root and also google can see who your contacts, calendar, where
> you are and you do.
> This agreement does not violate the use of free software?
> No one would have units Alternative to this?

I'm not familiar with the available cell phone providers in
Argentina, but I'll make an assumption that the situation is
similar to Europe, in that you can purchase a phone and a GSM
SIM separately from the service provider you choose.

Android is a fork of Linux plus an entire windowing system and 
management interface. The base Android system is open source.

A phone which you purchase may be locked down to one extent or
another, but you should be able to buy a phone which is easy to
unlock. Then you can put a free distribution of Android on it.

For example, I use a Samsung Galaxy Nexus with the Android Open
Source Project derivative distribution called AOKP. The Nexus
phones are all easy to unlock.

A little research should show you what phones are compatible
with your service providers and are also easy to replace the
operating systems.


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