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Re: Fwd: Question

Le Jeu 25 avril 2013 20:03, german carutti a écrit :
> Hello.
> I am a teacher of hardware and software Argentina high school and
> yesterday I was going to buy a cell phone, my main option was android, but
> I have
> found that this system is corporate because you are not allowed to modify,
> interact with the root and also google can see who your contacts,
> calendar, where you are and you do. This agreement does not violate the use
> of free software?

I do not think so. It depends about software licences only. Maybe the
tools on Android are not Open Source Softwares? I only know that it is
based on linux kernel, but it does not imply to have only Free

> No one would have units Alternative to this?
> Thanks for your time.

The Mozilla foundation recently released their OS for smartphones, maybe
this could help you?
The problem is that currently the phones with this OS are not available:
they did not built enough of them :)
If you really want to be able to tinker stuff on your phone and if you
have enough time, I guess you could wait until some become re-available.

PS: this is the Debian user list, this question would have not been
off-topic there, since this one is dedicated to questions about Debian,
not about linux in general.

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