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Re: Introductory reading on firewall/iptables/etc for new Debian user?

On Wednesday 24 April 2013 12:13:07 Richard Owlett wrote:
> I've the free version of 9.00. Listed option to disable
> updating not available.

The Linux version of 9 (I have 9.5.4) has nothing at all of any kind about 
updating.  So far as I can see it is not an option.  Are you sure that you 
are not thinking of Windows?  You do appear to confuse them sometimes.

You might find things simpler if you stopped trying to replicate your Windows 
set-up in Linux.  If Windows is exactly what you want, then use Windows.

Why not get something like "Linux for Dummies" or "The Debian Bible" and do 
some basic reading?  Linux for Dummies is not entirely accurate, but it is 
quite a good starting off point to get an overall view.


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