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Re: Suggestions for Debian

On 4/22/13, ha <hiei.arhiva@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 04/21/2013 09:57 AM, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
>> PS http://wiki.debian.org/UnofficialRepositories might be of interest
>> to you - since it's in the forefront of my mind, I'll save you that
>> google search. Oh generous me :)
> I came to similar question few months ago...
> And found the suggested page.
> And I still wonder why are these repos a bit outdated?

Those repos are maintained by people. Debian developers or potential
debian developers. You might ask the respective maintainers why their
particular repo is outdated...

> It seems that most packages get included in official repos sooner or
> later, right?
> What's the strategy here?

What gets done, gets done by those who want it done, when they are
willing and able. Some people learn to package software, so that they
can get their particular favourite into official Debian sooner. There
is a new-maintainer process with some mentoring for those who are


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