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Re: Suggestions for Debian

On 04/21/2013 09:57 AM, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
Nathan, welcome to Debian! :)

On 4/21/13, Nathan Owens<ndowens04@gmail.com>  wrote:
Where should we give suggestions on ideas? I would like to proprose the
idea of maybe Debian offering a community repo like Arch Linux's AUR or
does anybody know of a site that allows people to upload deb files to be
shared with others?

Seek the almighty Google for alternative repos, and you will find :)

Have you installed Debian yet? are you aware that there are around
40,000 packages for the main Debian repositories already? And that
does not count "alternative debian repositories" (hint hint ... google
search .. nudge nudge).
Debian ain't called The Unversal Operating System for nothing! It's a
dream, a goal, a principle. For many of us it's a reality and has been
for years. It's awesome!

Are you interested in packaging some software that's not in Debian
yet? It would be a good experience for you I'm sure.

Anyway, this is as good a place as any to make suggestions.
It just may be advisable (you sound rather newbie like, at least in
Debian world) to don your flame proof clothing when you do post -
there's a good and general expectation of civility, but occasionally
someone might respond a bit terse, so just smile and move right on :)

Good luck

PS http://wiki.debian.org/UnofficialRepositories might be of interest
to you - since it's in the forefront of my mind, I'll save you that
google search. Oh generous me :)

I came to similar question few months ago...
And found the suggested page.
And I still wonder why are these repos a bit outdated?
It seems that most packages get included in official repos sooner or later, right?
What's the strategy here?

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