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Re: Serveur with encrypted partition : 2 steps boot.

Erwan David wrote:
> I have problems withe the documentation of poilcy-rc.d, mainly te
> fact it seems to be for the sole usage of package maintainers, not
> of administrators of the machine, (see the fact taht alternatives
> MUST be used), and that I do not understand at all what an
> out-of-runlevel action is.

That is simply to provide arbitration direction immediately to any
package that wishes to provide a policy-rc.d.  Otherwise how would
that work?

  $ apt-file search policy-rc.d | grep sbin/policy-rc.d
  fai-nfsroot: /usr/bin/policy-rc.d.fai
  policyrcd-script-zg2: /usr/sbin/zg-policy-rc.d

I only see two packages that provide a policy-rc.d script.  If you
don't install them then you won't conflict with them.  Your machine,
your rules, and all of that.

Or you could select one of the alternative methods.  You are blazing a
trail.  There is no pre-compiled correct answer.


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