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Re: Terminals

On Wed, Apr 17, 2013 at 11:13:22AM +0000, jamie@jatos.co.uk wrote:
> Hi
> Firstly need to know the name of the feature that allows me to access /dev/tty0, /dev/tty1 etc and switch between them by press alt+F1, alt+F2 and so on.

These are "Virtual Terminals" or "Virtual Consoles". They are "Virtual"
in the sense that a serial console is a "real console" and the virtual
consoles just provide a convenient local version.

> Secondly, how would I configure this feature, in particular I'd like to configure it to allow me to press probably alt+F7 and access a serial console at /dev/ttyS0, would need a baud rate of 9600 with common settings for everything else.

/etc/inittab. There should be some example serial console lines
commented out for you to play with...

Ah, no. What am I talking about. If you enable a serial console in
/etc/inittab, that will start a terminal SERVER on /dev/ttyS0 (so you
can connect a terminal to it and control your PC from the terminal).

I believe you're wanting to use your PC as a terminal, and use it to log
into another device. In that case, I think you're still going to need a
program such as minicom. But with some work you MIGHT be able to get it
to start as a getty (a 'getty' is the program that init starts on the
virtual console and which accepts your username/password before starting
a shell).

> Essentially this is so I can get to the CLI on a Cisco router when its console port is connected via serial port referenced by the device name /dev/ttyS0 just by pressing alt+F7, instead having to install a terminal program. I believe this can be done.
> Any help is much appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Jamie
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