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Re: Serveur with encrypted partition : 2 steps boot.

Erwan David wrote:
> update-rc.d dovecot disable 2
> reboot, indeed dovecot is not started
> telinit 3
> dovecot does not start (even if there is a Sxxdovecot in /etc/rc3.d)

Hmm...  It should start.  I just tested this on a service locally and
it starts for me.  are you sure it isn't starting due to the presence
of a new policy-rc.d script?  :-)

In any case...  I wanted to add an additional comment.  I have been
thinking of doing something like this myself.  I haven't done it yet
but if I were implementing this then I think I would have the server
contact a central machine elsewhere on the network to get the keys to
decrypt and mount the encrypted partitions.  I am not sure what the
best mechanics would be to implement it.  But I think as soon as
networking came online I would have the remote server with the
encrypted disks contact a different server that I controlled.  Have it
pull the keys for the partition from there.  Then automatically mount
the partitions.  Then have it continue the boot process normally and
start the daemons normally.

That way the machine can be rebooted in an automated way without
trouble.  I would have them go through automatically.  Then on a
normal reboot the machine would mostly behave normally.  But if the
machine were stolen it wouldn't be able to get the keys and wouldn't
be able to decrypt that disk.

Lock the key server to the remote server's IP address.  The machine
could also block waiting for the external keys and allow you to
acknowledge them if you wanted the extra security.  After
acknowledging them the machine would continue to boot normally.

If the machine were stolen then the encrypted partition would not be
unlocked automatically since it would then come from a different IP
address.  However knowing that IP address would give you a trail to
the thief.


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