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Re: root password

Robert B McKittrick wrote:
> my system 6.0.7 does not recognize the root password I gave it when
> installing. is there any way to reset root without reinstalling?

Use the installer disk in "rescue mode".

Here is the official documentation for it:


But that is fairly terse.  Let me say that the rescue mode looks just
like the install mode initially.  It will ask you keyboard and locale
questions and you might wonder if you are rescuing or installing!  But
it will have "Rescue" in the upper left corner so that you can tell
that you are not in install mode and be assured.  Get the tool set up
with keyboard, locale, timezone, and similar and eventually it will
give you a menu with a list of actions.  Here is a quick run-through.

  Advanced options...
  Rescue mode
  keyboard dialog
  ...starts networking...
  hostname dialog
  domainname dialog
  ...apt update release files...
  ...loading additional components, Retrieving udebs...
  ...detecting disks...

Then eventually it will get to a menu "Enter rescue mode" that will
ask what device to use as a root file system.  It will list the
partitions that it has automatically detected.  If you have used a
RAID then one of the menu entry items near the bottom will be
"Assemble RAID array" and you should assemble the raid at that point.
That will bring up the next dialog menu asking for partitions to
assemble.  Select the appropriate for your system.  Then continue.

At that point it presents a menu "Execute a shell in /dev/...".  That
should get you a shell on your system with the root partition
mounted.  It is a /bin/sh shell.  I usually at that point start bash
so as to have bash command line recall and editing.  Then mount all of
the additional disks.

  # /bin/bash
  root@hostname:~# mount -a

At that point you have a root superuser shell on the system and can
make system changes.  After doing what needs doing you can reboot to
the system.  Remove the Debian install media and boot to the normal
system and see if the changes were able to fix the problem.

The change you want to make is to set a new root password.  That is
done with the "passwd" command.

  root@hostname:~# passwd
  Enter new UNIX password: 
  Retype new UNIX password: 


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