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On 04/08/2013 10:07 PM, Joel Roth wrote:
On Mon, Apr 08, 2013 at 04:49:40AM +0000, Dirk wrote:
I wondered about this. Looking at one example: D-Bus,
with which I was minimally acquainted.


D-Bus has replaced Bonobo (originated by the Gnome project) and
DCOP (originated by the KDE project). It seems to have
technical merits.
Clearly the effort is a troll, created by a kid (or childish
adult) with nothing better to do.
Quite a lot of that image is trollish. I know it's stupid to feed the troll, but still:

1. Complaining about a minor inconvenient feature change (Moving most of the save functionality into "export" mode. Annoying, but hardly a dealbreaking move.). Never mind that I find GIMP's new interfact introduced in 2.8 is a vast improvement over the old UI which had users having to deal with the window manager wehenever they'd wanna do something as simple as select the paintbrush tool. GIMP's UI is much more improved than "ruined." Disagreeing with someone about a feature change is hardly evidence of a "Microsoft insider."

2. HAL is gone, not worth complaining about. In Linux Udev took ever everything HAL did after a while. When HAL was "current" it was hardly bloated and enabled the average user to run a desktop environment without having to pick their way through lots of configuration and pray the driver supports what they have. Udev *is* an improvement over HAL, but I'm not pretending HAL was bad. I don't know what this guy has against DBus, it's a very effective IPC mechanism and wound up unifying desktop IPC on Linux, something that was desperately needed, and most setups I've seen will often not load DBus until something needs it. GConf I *think* was merely a GNOME construct, so if you're not a GNOME user you don't have to bother with it. There wasn't really much of a technical issue with it except it emulates the Windows Registry in superficial ways. What's wrong with console-kit? Does the person who made the image have something against desktop-style permissions that can allow users to mount removable media WITHOUT invoking root privilege? The guy's complaining about numerous technologies that were pretty much essential to making Linux a viable desktop platform. Just because you don't *like* a program doesn't mean it's poison from Microsoft.

3. Since when did a web browser need to be enterprise focused? There's nothing wrong with a Mozilla developer pointing out there's more market for end users than anything else in web browsers. And I say this working in a company that runs on a lot of web technology. Dissent with critics is a normal part of software development and hardly proof someone works for Microsoft.

4. First off, nothing in that image has anything to do with what the guy says. At any rate, not wanting to contribute to open source gaming hardly puts someone in Microsoft's employ.

Now this guy is most likely a troll. Otherwise he's one of the more zealous "free/open source" people who think this sort of thing actually helps Linux.

Now on the more tongue and cheek side. Why not go for the more "obvious" Microsoft "traps?" If I were to troll I'd go after stuff like Mono, HyperV drivers in the kernel, Miguel de Icaza, GNOME allegedly trying to make Linux more like Windows, etc. (I am joking about the aforementioned. Please don't take me seriously.)


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