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On Mon, 2013-04-08 at 22:27 -0500, Yaro Kasear wrote:
> 1. Complaining about a minor inconvenient feature change (Moving most of 
> the save functionality into "export" mode. Annoying, but hardly a 
> dealbreaking move.). Never mind that I find GIMP's new interfact 
> introduced in 2.8 is a vast improvement over the old UI which had users 
> having to deal with the window manager wehenever they'd wanna do 
> something as simple as select the paintbrush tool. GIMP's UI is much 
> more improved than "ruined." Disagreeing with someone about a feature 
> change is hardly evidence of a "Microsoft insider."

Yesterday I wrote with Alexandre off-list. I don't share this opinion.
The import, export, save options are unimportant, the handling changed,
but I won't continue talking about GIMP by this thread. Open a thread
about GIMP and perhaps I'll turn up.

> Udev *is*

merged with systemd and this is a serious issue. For Debian and some
distros people do hard work, to keep it independent, but by upstream
udev is part of systemd.

The one you call a troll has knowledge you're missing. What the OP did
is wrong, but there are really such issues.

> What's wrong with console-kit?

Where should I start ;)? How many threads should be started by an UNIX
program? How many threads do you count for your console-kit?

> Mozilla

Why does Debian by default have the "iced" Mozillas?

I don't like what the OP did, but for me terms like "troll" are
outlandish too.

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