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Re: lost toolbar

On 07/04/13 11:16 AM, John Lindsay wrote:
Somehow I seem to have deleted my top toolbar. How do I make a new on/retrieve a standard toolbar or retrieve my old one? I was trying to delete a 'greyed out' icon and deleted the whole bar instead?


Yes, more information should have been provided. I believe I am running Debian wheezy? When I boot up it says something about debian 6.xxx with linux 2.xxx. I am running Gnome desktop. Whether its called a panel or toolbar it is the 'panel' info at the top of the screen that has 'applications, places, system, date,time and any icons that are placed there. I did a complete uninstall of Pan which deleted the icon on the desktop. All it did was 'grey' out the icon in that panel. I tried to 'delete' it but deleted the whole 'panel'/toolbar or what ever one wants to call it. Doing a restart or completely powering down and rebooting did not restore it. Thanks to Ralf, I am able to bring up what normally a 'click' on the panel would show so I am able to at least shut down. I also found out how to get a new panel at the top. I managed to place the date and time back but I don't know how to restore the 'applications/places/system' section so I can use that to do what ever navigation I need to do. I am a 98% GUI user and seldom use the command line.


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