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Re: lost toolbar

On Sun, 2013-04-07 at 17:39 -0400, John Lindsay wrote:
> Yes, more information should have been provided. I believe I am running 
> Debian wheezy? When I boot up it says something about debian 6.xxx with 
> linux 2.xxx. I am running Gnome desktop. Whether its called a panel or 
> toolbar it is the 'panel' info at the top of the screen that has 
> 'applications, places, system, date,time and any icons that are placed 
> there. I did a complete uninstall of Pan which deleted the icon on the 
> desktop. All it did was 'grey' out the icon in that panel. I tried to 
> 'delete' it but deleted the whole 'panel'/toolbar or what ever one wants 
> to call it. Doing a restart or completely powering down and rebooting 
> did not restore it. Thanks to Ralf,  I am able to bring up what normally 
> a 'click' on the panel would show so I am able to at least shut down. I 
> also found out how to get a new panel at the top. I managed to place the 
> date and time back but I don't know how to restore the 
> 'applications/places/system' section so I can use that to do what ever 
> navigation I need to do. I am a 98% GUI user and seldom use the command 
> line.

It was Bob who pointed out to use Alt+F2, I only was talking about the
menu, that seemingly wasn't available anymore. However, Alt+F2 is a
short cut that usually for all DEs opens a run dialog, resp. an app
finder, perhaps there's a difference between Alt+F2 and Alt+F3 on your
system. For some installs it could be different, but there are several
common short cuts. I guess Ctrl+Alt+Backspace and Ctrl+Alt+Del nowadays
usually is disabled by default, but on most, if not on all *nix
Ctrl+Alt+F* does switch to a terminal and one Ctrl+Alt+F* back to the
desktop environment, this at least differs between Linux and BSD, I
don't know if it's equal for all Linux. At the moment I'm booted to
Arch, Ctrl+Alt+F1 to F6 switches to tty1 to tty6 and Ctrl+Alt+F7 back to
the desktop environment.

Alt+F1 might open the menu, even if the panel should be lost and can be
closed by Esc.

Magic SysRq key might be interesting too, I never used them in around 10
years using Linux, but many people like the magic keys.

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