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Re: lost toolbar

On Sun, 2013-04-07 at 11:57 -0600, Bob Proulx wrote:
> Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> > Doing an educated guess I suspect the OP is talking about a DE's panel
> > and not the tool bar of an app, so likely it's the GNOME panel. I'm
> > using expensive crystal ball cleaner, that does improve a lot, but isn't
> > politically correct, since it's made of unicorn horn and dragon skin.
> I suspect the user is running XFCE4 in which I routinely see other
> people with crashed panels.  (Other people I support because I don't
> use a heavy desktop myself.)  Manually start it back up again.
>   Alt-F2 xfce4-panel
> I believe it to be a program bug that it crashes under some as yet
> unknown condition.

I didn't experience this issue for a long time and even in the past it
doesn't happen very often.

However, if the panel crashes it automatically should be launched when
starting a new session.

It might be that somebody does save the session for future logins, when
logging out, so if it crashes, and it only will be started
automatically, if Xfce is set up to do so, e.g. by

Menu > Settings > Setting Manager > Session and Startup > Application

I notice that for my new Arch Linux, when logging out, the sessions are
saved, but by "Application Autostart" xfce4-panel isn't started, I don't
know if it will be started by something else, but I didn't set up
anything, I guess I should do it within the next days.

A quick test ...

no, when logging out without saving the session and then logging in
again, the panels automatically are launched. Perhas doen by the
settings daemon?

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