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Re: NAS raid with Debian?

On 4/3/2013 7:00 PM, Rick Thomas wrote:
> Are there any readily available, inexpensive (US$200-500), NAS (Network
> Attached Storage) boxes in the 1-3TB capacity that are capable of
> running Debian and NFS?
> I'm looking for a device that can export a RAID-1, either ext4 or ZFS,
> capacity in the 1-3TB range (two disks, each of that capacity, mirrored)
> via NFSv[34] with gigabit networking.
> Any suggestions?  Any experience to share?

Always build it yourself:

$55 - MiniITX 1.6GHz VIA Nano, HDMI/VGA, 2xSATA2, Realtek GbE, 1x PCI

$19 - one 2GB DDR3-1066 DIMM

$140 - 2x 1TB 2.5" Samsung Spinpoint 5.4K SATA2

$20 - 2x 2.5" SATA Trayless Hot Swap for 3.5" bay

$45 MiniITX Rosewill case w/250w PSU

*Total:  $279*

At current prices, with this case, you could expand to 6x 1TB 2.5"
drives for an additional $337, total of $616, ~$100/TB raw:

$280 - 4x 1TB 2.5" Samsung Spinpoint 5.4K SATA2

$20 - 4pt SATAI Silicon Image PCI controller

$37 - 4 to 1 Hot Swap cage, 4x 2.5" in 5.25" bay

I went with 2.5" 5.4K drives because you're asking about el cheapo
consumer NAS boxen, which typically ship with low end low RPM 3.5"
drives.  2.5" drives are quieter and draw less power to boot, and allow
hot swap of all 6 drives in this tiny chassis.  Hot swap is definitely
worth $37.  I'd remove this case's hinged doors if doing 6 drives.  If
the desire for RAID10/5/6 arises, you're ready to go.  A 4pt PCI SATAI
card with ~120MB/s throughput won't get you full bandwidth for the extra
4 drives, but your bottleneck is the Realteck GbE which peaks at
~60-80MB/s, so the PCI/33 bus won't hold you back.


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