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Pioneer BDR-*206* Internal Blu-Ray Disc DVD/CD writer and Debian


This is a continuation of a thread that forked:

    Wheezy amd64 XFCE how to burn Blu-Ray (BD-R )discs?

    Recommendations for Linux-friendly Blu-Ray writing drives?

Note that there is some confusion as to the "correct" drive model number:

1.  The retail box that the drive came in says BDR-2206.

2.  The label on the drive says BDR-206UBK

3.  Squeeze dmesg reports PIONEER BD-RW BDR-206.

4.  Windows XP Device Manager reports PIONEER BD-RW BDR-206.

I moved the drive to another machine that had a LITE-ON SHM-165H6S CD/DVD RW drive that I've been using to burn CD-R and DVD-R using Squeeze and Brasero without any issues.

Using Squeeze and Brasero, the drive burns CD-R discs that have the correct directory structure, but almost every file is corrupt (.checksum.md5 looks okay). Burned BD-R discs are coasters.

Using Windows XP and Cyberlink Media Suite 8 (provided in the retail box), the drive burns CD-R data discs correctly OOTB. The drive burns ~12 GB video files to BD-R correctly if I select UDF 2.6. (It was necessary to download and install the Toshiba Windows XP UDF 2.5 driver to be able to read such discs.)

On 03/13/13 17:48, Gary Dale wrote:
> Have you installed dvd+rw-tools?

dvd+rw-tools was already installed.

udftools wasn't -- now it is.

That suggested pmount -- now pmount is installed.

That suggested hal -- now hal and hal-info are installed.

They suggested gnome-device-manager -- now gnome-device-manager and libgnome-device-manager0 are installed.

Gnome Device Manager reports the drive as a PIONEER BD-RW BDR-206.

Burning a CD-R using Squeeze and Brasero -- the directory structure is correct, but *every* file except .checksum.md5 is corrupt!

So, the drive works fine under Windows XP and fails horribly under Debian.

Any suggestions for getting the drive working under Debian?


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