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If I try 'sudo' in a terminal window, it asks for my password. If I try 'root's' password I get 'user not in sudoers file'. If I try my user password I get 'user not in sudoers file. this incident will be reported.'

I'm trying to run 'sudo apt-get install mono-complete monodevelop' in a terminal shell so I can a SDR dongle working under linux. I am trying to follow the commands from 'rtlsdr.org/softwarelinux.

If I run them under a root terminal it seems to work without asking for my password.

I think all this should be done as a user not as a superuser since I as the user want to play around with this dongle.

How do I add 'user' to the sudoers file so it doesn't complain all the time.
I am not a command line guru -- I don't have a great understanding of all the commands so I need some direction.

Thanks in advance


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