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Re: [EVOLUTION] Issue with mistakenly rejected SSL certificate

> On Fri, 2012-11-30 at 14:40 +0100, Abou Al Montacir wrote:
>> Hi all;
>> Yesterday, evolution complained about my ISP SSL certificate was not
>> valid and asked me to accept it or to reject it. I've mistakenly
>> rejected SSL certificate, but since could not connect anymore to the
>> server. It keeps giving me error messages: "Could not connect to
>> imap.sfr.fr: Input/output error"
>> I've tried with [1] and also with [2] and can see that it connects using
>> telnet -z ssl howver openssl shows that the certificate date has
>> expired. I do not know how to cope with this as I can not find any
>> option to recover my mistake.
>> Can anyone help please?
> I think the keys are stored in your home directory in the .camel_certs
> directory. I just deleted these and when I restarted Evolution it asked
> me to confirm the keys again when I logged I downloaded mails from my
> server. (I run my own server and my keys aren't signed by a trusted
> authority).
> --
> Tixy

i have a similar problem with Mutt/Labavit certificates; does someone
know, where the Mutt's certificates are?


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