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RE: Dying hard drive?

> I do appreciate the help, but we'll let Dell take care of this.

Just wanted to update anyone that might be interested. I was able to convince
Dell that the hard drive was bad after jumping through their hoops (in
their defence, I understand their position of not wanting to spend money on
something that is not covered under the terms of our agreements). I installed
the drive this morning.

Rather than copy the existing Squeeze installation, I chose to go ahead and
install Wheezy. Been wanting to do that anyhow. I copied my old user folder
to the new installation and everything worked almost flawlessly. I have a
dual-monitor set-up, and had different panels on each monitor. I had to
recreate the second panel on monitor 2. In addition, the Guayadeque radio
stations did not show up even though the ~/.guayadeque folder is there.
Nothing a couple of minutes didn't resolve.

I have one issue that I haven't found a solution to, so figured I would ask
on the off chance I am missing anything obvious. The window manager is XFCE4,
with XScreenSaver. Under the old system I could hit Ctrl+Del+Alt and that
would invoke the screensaver and lock the screen. That functionality is
missing now. I have installed the Session Menu item on the panel, and can
get the same functionality with two mouse clicks, but it will take a few
days to break the old habit if that is my only option. Would anyone happen
to know what I need to do to get the Ctrl+Del+Alt functionality back?

Thanks for all of the help, and all the best,


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