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printer utility precedence

printer utility precedence
working with squeeze 6.0 net install as illustrated here:

questione one:
what ?, is the precedence of services and or utilities to "just print" using the command lp.
is it common for a person who is actually trying to learn to have to hand write many docs from the OS just to set up a line printer. 

There is installed hplip and am able to print a test page. and that is it.

actual real useful documentation for hplip is difficult to obtain with numerous voices in a empty casket pointing at plethora of empty links. as well as no one person is able to place in writing if hplip is GUI centric or what ? if any thing in tying hplip into the existing system via scripts and functions. 

i would just as soon ship can hplip and work with cups.
what is the precedence in and of utilities and services to actually "just print". 
i am not looking at any complex arraignment for a multi tiered office environment. 
would just like to print out docs. and learn something. 

to sort through the options in docs that make up what seems to be a plethora of options in mix and match, to figure out the jungle of options to just work with the available services and utilities with tangible documentation material.

thank your in advance for your assistance.

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