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Re: Memory errors on new memory in new system

On Wed, 2012-11-28 at 23:38 -0800, Marc Shapiro wrote:
> Do I really have bad memory?

You are using the computer without issues, while your RAM is stressed.
Did you run a RAM test that is not from a Debian distribution?

You RAM could be bad, but it's not likely.

As I've written several times. Here it's the same. Ubuntu's Memtest
(perhaps packages from Debian source) claims my RAM is broken.

My machine is a real-time audio production environment and I don't have

The same version of Memtest from Parted Magic never reports a single
error, when running it fror more than 24 hours.

I the past I noticed this also with Memtest from other distros.

It's not that the developers are idiots, but they have to keep on track
with new hardware, take a look at the changelog:

So when I say it's bad software, than I don't mean the coders are less
good, just that it's impossible to write a reliable RAM test

If you know that something is fishy with your RAM, than you can use
memtest for troubleshooting, but just to test new RAM this software is
useless. The results tend to be wrong.


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