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Re: Memory errors on new memory in new system

In the absence of an updated Debian install (it's wiser not to update a
digital audio workstation too often) I used another install of current
Ubuntu Quantal 64-bit, Memtest86+ v4.20 and instead running it from the
same Parted Magic live CD, I run it from the lastest Parted Magic 64-bit
Live CD, also Memtest 86+ v4.20.

Ubuntu's Memtest still claims that my RAM is broken, Parted Magic's
Memtest still claims that my RAM is ok. Intense RAM usage for more than
8 hours a day and never turning the computer of since several days and I
had not a single RAM issue. I don't had RAM issues for the last
years ;).

So it's very likely that the RAM is ok ;).

Perhaps you should run Memtest86+ from
http://partedmagic.com/doku.php?id=downloads too.

And even if this should fails too, it doesn't mean that RAM is broken.
OTOH if your RAM passes the test there's no guarantee that the RAM is

Memtest86+ can help to find a broken RAM, but it's not a secure test,
when there's no suspicion for new RAM.


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