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Wheezy; No Speech when booting with Speakup on Older Dell Systems.

I tried the netinstall version of the Debian wheezy CD around November
23 or so and certain Dell systems such as a Del Dimension and a
Dell Optiplex from around that same time period will not talk.

	What do I need to do to help solve this problem?

	The boot procedure is to insert the CDROM, boot, and
wait some seconds for the head to stop and then type a
lower-case S followed by Enter or Carriage Return.

	The first thing one should hear is the prompts to set
keyboard, etc.

	In these cases, I hear nothing at all. All the BIOS's in
question are late nineties to around 2000.

	All these systems can run speakup as they have from the
old vinux2 disks.

	If I install a drive that was successfully built on a
working system, I get the ability to log in but with no speech.

	This same drive works fine on systems that do have
everything in tact.

	I think there is enough of the silent systems up that I
can mount floppies or USB sticks and have them spill their
brains to files I can send to whoever needs to look at them to
see what is wrong. For that matter, I can run the old Vinux2.0
which talks just fine and see what makes that work while the
newer wheezy installation fails on these systems.


Martin McCormick

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