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Re: alix (pcengines) build up

On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 09:13:09AM +0200, binary dreamer wrote:
>    hi.
>    �
>    i am looking to build debian for my system ALIX (pcengines) all flavors,
>    especially for the ones without vga.
>    i am looking to create two partitions. the first will have the system and
>    will be read only. writable it has to be only on demand, such remountrw to
>    enable it.
>    the second partition it needs to be read-write an empty space.
>    �
>    i neet� to create an embedded system with ALIX in a CF. Due to cf
>    limitations i have to extend its life by disabling the read-writes all the
>    time.
>    �
>    is there a simple guide to create such a system?
>    �
>    �

Have a look at unionfs (debian packages unionfs-fuse, mhddfs and aufs.
All of these are different implementations of the same concept). These
should allow you to have one filesystem as read-only, and another as
read-write, so that reads are taken from the RO filesystem and writes
are sent to the RW filesystem (copy-on-write).

Not used them myself, but they should be documented well enough.

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