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Re: sh (was Re: About standards Was: Re: Debian Installer 7.0 Beta4 release)

Lisi Reisz <lisi.reisz@gmail.com> writes:

> On Tuesday 27 November 2012 12:02:34 Jon Dowland wrote:
>> For modern Debian installations it's not bash either. Switching /bin/sh
>> to dash by default was done principally to make boot times quicker (dash
>> is smaller and faster to load than bash).
> Thanks for the information, Jon.  I hadn't realised that!  I've merrily 
> carried on using "bash". :-/

One of the reasons dash is smaller is that it simply has fewer features
than bash.  I didn't bother to lookup the difference, but IIRC dash aims
for strict POSIX compliance and not much else.  If you like the extra
features you get with bash as your login shell, go ahead and continue
using it.

It does not really matter what you use for your personal scripts and as
your login shell.  If hundreds of scripts are being run at boot time, it
makes a difference that dash is quicker to start.


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