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Re: OpenDkim on Debian

On Monday 26 November 2012 15:45:24 Fred White wrote:
> I want to upgrade my opendkim from 2.0.1 to the latest opendkim version
> 2.8.2 from wheezy because I am not too comfortable upgrading from
> squeeze-backpots which according to my tech people that my system could
> become unsupportable.

Personally, I would prefer the back-ports.  They have been configured for 
Squeeze and run well.  They have been "designed" to be OK with a Squeeze 
system.  It is easy to use a particular backport and leave the rest of your 
system alone.  So far, I have not had problems with backports, but they are 
not as fully tested and maintained as Stable itself.  

You have probably already seen this, but in case you haven't:

Mixed systems work well for many people, but are harder to administer.  And 
you may have dependency problems.  Though again, you can use pinning etc. to 
restrict things from Wheezy to being used only when you ask for them.


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